Spliffward in the pilot.
Vital statistics
Title Drug dealer
Gender Male
Race Spliff
Faction Himself
Health Bad
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location Ashtray-shaped house

Spliffward Testacles is the cranky neighbor of SpongeBong HempPants who makes aliving off of selling drugs. SpongeBong and HashBrick are always buying drugs from him but mostly don't have the kind of money for it. Spliffward is a piece of paper you smoke weed, cocaine or tobacco out of. Just like Squidward, Spliffward seems to be annoyed by SpongeBong and HashBrick, but will still sell them what they need if they have the money.


Spliffward is a white spliff with yellow eys, red pupils and a clip for a nose. He has white arms with brown sleeves and on his head is a small bit of weed resembling hair. On the bottom of him are white strips of the spliff that serve as his tentalces.


Spliffward isn't too happy of a guy. He seems to be really grouchy and angry all the time. He is a drug dealer, and therefore lives by it.

Episode appearancesEdit

  • "Spongebong Hemppants"
  • "Another Hashbrick on the Wall" (cameo)
  • "Crystal Meth"
  • "It's all Cum Down to This"
  • "Money Makers"


  • He is a parody on Squidward Tentacles.
  • The drug he is is a spliff.
  • His full name is Spliffward Testacles.

Gallery Edit

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