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SpongeBob Hemp-Pants pilot03:36

SpongeBob Hemp-Pants pilot

spongebong's first appearence

SpongeBong HempPants is a green stoner sponge that lives in a bong in a dormatory. SpongeBong spends most of his time smoking drugs such as seaweed (weed) and sea mushrooms (shrooms) and playing video games such as Tony Hawk with his best friend HashBrick and annoying his other friends. His favorite drugs are bong and seaweed.


Spongebong is a green sponge with white tattered shirt with a rope collar and brown slightly torn pants. He wears sandals.


SpongeBong is a druggy and annoying fun-loving stoner guy.

early life and history Edit

not a little is know about spongebong's life,but he meet hashbrick,and start taking drug like weed and shrooms.


He is a parody on Spongebob Squarepants.

he can be brother with spongebob squarepants,dueing to being a parody of spongebob squarepants. (Is this English?)

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